Weighted Base Signs


These water base signs, also known as weighted pavement signs, cause foot traffic to your shop or outdoor business. Fillable pavement signs are ideal for promoting your business on sidewalks to appeal more customers.

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What are Weighted Base Signs?

Weighted base signs, also known as portable or freestanding signs, are signs that are designed with a weighted base to provide stability and support. These signs are commonly used for outdoor advertising, directing traffic, or providing information at events or construction sites. The weighted base ensures that the sign remains upright and secure, even in windy or unstable conditions.

Weighted base signs provide a portable and stable signage solution for various outdoor applications. They offer the convenience of easy transportation, the flexibility of interchangeable signs, and the stability needed to withstand outdoor conditions. These features make them a popular choice for businesses, event organizers, and construction sites.

What are the different types of Weighted Base Signs?

Different types of weighted base signs can vary based on their design, size, and intended use.

  1. A-Frame Signs : These signs have a folding A-frame structure with a weighted base. They typically consist of two panels joined at the top, forming an “A” shape when opened. A-frame signs are often used for sidewalk advertising, directing foot traffic, or displaying information at events.
  2. Roll-up Signs : Roll-up signs feature a retractable banner that is housed in a weighted base. The banner can be pulled up and attached to a support rod, creating a vertical sign display. Roll-up signs are portable, easy to set up, and commonly used for trade shows, exhibitions, or indoor events.
  3. Traffic Barricade Signs : These signs are attached to traffic barricades or cones and are commonly used for traffic control and safety purposes. The weighted base ensures stability and prevents the sign from being easily dislodged or blown away by wind or passing vehicles.
  4. Post and Panel Signs : Post and panel signs consist of a sign panel that is attached to a vertical post, which is secured by a weighted base. These signs are often used for directional signage, parking lot signage, or to provide information at outdoor facilities.

Important Features of Weighted Base Signs

  • Stability : The base is specifically designed to have a significant weight, usually made of materials like concrete or metal, to provide stability and prevent the sign from tipping over or being easily moved. This ensures that the sign remains visible and readable even in windy conditions.
  • Portability : Despite their weighted base, many of these signs are designed to be portable. They often have handles or wheels that allow for easy transportation and positioning. This portability makes them suitable for temporary signage needs or situations where the sign needs to be moved frequently.
  • Flexibility in Sign Attachment : Weighted base signs typically have a mounting system or holder that allows for the attachment of various types of signs. This could include corrugated plastic signs, aluminum panels, or PVC signs. The sign can be easily inserted or attached to the holder, allowing for flexibility in terms of the message or information displayed.
  • Weather Resistance : Weighted base signs are designed to withstand outdoor conditions. They are often made with durable materials that can withstand exposure to sunlight, rain, and wind. Additionally, the weighted base ensures that the sign remains stable even during adverse weather conditions.
  • Height Adjustment : Some weighted base signs feature height-adjustable components. This allows for the sign’s height to be modified to suit different visibility requirements or to accommodate different sign sizes. Height adjustment can be beneficial when the sign needs to be seen from a distance or when it needs to be positioned at varying heights based on the viewing angle.
  • Sign Customization : Weighted base signs can accommodate various types of signs, allowing for customization. This means you can use pre-printed signs or easily replace the signs as needed for different events, promotions, or messages. The ability to customize the sign allows for versatility and adaptability to different signage needs.
  • Reflective or High-Visibility Options : To enhance visibility during low-light conditions or nighttime, some weighted base signs offer reflective materials or high-visibility colors. This ensures that the sign remains noticeable and readable even in dimly lit areas or when visibility is reduced.

Why Choose Signs Station for Custom Weighted Base Signs?

Signs Station offers a wide range of customization options in weighted base signs, including options for selecting sizes, materials, colors, and graphics to ensure that the signs align with your branding and messaging needs. We offer flexibility in terms of size, shape, and design to meet your specific needs.

We ensure the signs are durable, weather-resistant, and long-lasting. We have a knowledgeable staff or design professionals who can provide guidance and support to create an effective and visually appealing sign.

Contact us today to design your custom weighted base signs at the best trade prices.

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