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Light Boxes, sometimes known as backlit, use LED lighting technology to brilliantly illuminate your special information and brand messages. They’re a cost-effective signage solution when you want extra lighting but don’t want to spend a fortune on expensive electronic or neon signage.


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    Light Box Signs

    Looking for a different yet unique way to advertise your company and attract the attention of your potential customers? Any business can be branded and brought to the public’s attention using lightbox signage. 

    What are Light Box Signs? 

    Light Box signs are big sign boxes with logos, business names and signatures with an in-built LED light in them. These are ideal for commercial spaces, showrooms, or storefronts. Signs Station offers your business the best, most reliable and most affordable light box signages. 

    These light box signs are highly customizable. You can print names, graphics on cabinet signs, and custom illuminated sign boxes. They are the best branding tool to improve the business presence most effectively. 

    Custom lightbox signages come in different styling options, ranging from printed or painted faces, and flat symmetrical signs to graphic or logo signs. You can mount them on walls, buildings, or monuments. There is no need for special lights or even street lights to highlight the light box signage. 

    Signs Station gives you the advantage to customize them to get more visibility at the most affordable cost. You will get 24/7 audience visibility, low maintenance cost and maximum promotion of your brand. 

    Can Light Box Signs Be Used Anywhere?

    Light box signages are highly popular and can be seen anywhere, from a café, retail shop, or government office to a commercial building. You can use them to make a strong branding of your business, indoor and outdoor, in both spaces.

    Signs Station delivers high-quality light box signs with a range of customization options from their size and shapes to colour and graphics. We create eye catchy box signs to promote your business by increasing your target audience towards your business. We create portable custom lightboxes to be used for big or small events and tradeshows. 

    If you are running an industrial business, you can display your company’s name or logo along with your other business-related information on light box signage. If you have other owned businesses like coffee shops and clothing ranges, you can mount the cabinet signs on high-rise buildings, inside shopping malls, or outside the apartment wall.

    What Material is used for Light Box Signs? 

    Light box signages are electrically-lit signs usually built of extruded aluminum. In terms of rigidity and elegance, using aluminum is thought to be more “upscale.” Corrosion and temperature changes are not a problem for this material. 

    Other than this, acrylic or polycarbonate plastic is used in illuminated faces. Acrylic is particularly used for push-thru letters. Moreover, there is a high scope for customization in choosing designs, colors, and shapes of the box signage with your specific requirements. You can design storefront-style signs or large billboards that are intended for viewing from greater distances.

    The material for the box signage also depends on other factors also, like incorporating logos, specific letters, or a signature of your brand name. Also, the place of displaying custom lightbox signs may affect the material you need to hang the lightbox on the storefront, place it on a monument, or use pylon signage to create a strong brand presence and increase business visibility.

    Benefits of Using Outdoor Lightbox Signs 

    There are enormous benefits of using light box signs:

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    Signs Station creates outdoor lightbox signs offering an effective way to promote the business as they stand out, capture the viewers’ attention and make them your potential customers. Light box signs will continue to advertise your business in daylight and at night even when your business is closed. 

    Noticeable From a Distance:

    We create light box signage that includes vivid colors and lights having the potential to draw the attention of the people. These LED box signs are attractive and bright making it possible for the viewer to notice it from a distance. An illuminated lightbox sign outdoors will remind them about your business or company as they walk past or drive past them.

    Dual visibility:

    Light box signage is noticeable from single as well as double sides. When people pass by the building, they can read your business name, logo or message written on the box signage from both sides making the signs not go unnoticed every single time. 

    Product Differentiation:

    Signs Station designs light box displays that assist your brand to gain an edge over your competitors. By choosing the color and plan for your new line of apparel or jewelry outlet or a new restaurant, you can easily draw attention to the strengths of your brand, products and services. 

    The level of detailing added to the custom lightbox signs promotes product differentiation, making it capable to stand out from your competition, increasing sales, improving customer loyalty, and expanding brand awareness.

    Step Up your Advertising Game with Signs Station’s Custom Light Box Signs

    Companies from Starbucks, Universal Studios, Lens Crafter to Cartier are using light box signs for advertising. Why? Because of its success rate. It works to create a successful brand by enthralling potential customers, fueling walk-in traffic, boosting sales and generating great revenues. 

    Why think twice? Think of advertising, think of Signs Station. Join the league of successful brands and choose light box signs created by us. As experts in LED light box signages, we have captured every market, from small to large businesses by making a powerful impact on their audience through our box signs. 

    To find out more about creating custom light box signs and discuss the designs and sizes, feel free to contact Signs Station today.

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