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Our high-quality hanging signs are available in a range of sizes, styles, and materials. We offer customizable options for your sign, including your choice of fonts, colors, and logos. Our hanging signs are easy to install and weather-resistant, ensuring your property will look great rain or shine.


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    What Are Customized Real Estate Signs?

    Real estate agents popularly use real estate signs to educate others about their business and promote representative properties. Displaying customized real estate signs is the best marketing strategy used by agents and companies. 

    Which Is the Best Real Estate Sign for Your Business? 

    A-Frame Sign or Self-Standing Sign

    A-frame, better known as sandwich signs, are self-standing commercial real estate signs used for quick and real-time advertisement of your business. These are portable, easy to install, and have dual display. The sign can be used as a “for sale” sign with eye-catchy information for potential buyers to get all the knowledge about the agent and the property.

    Colonial post or Hanging post Sign

    The colonial post is the most popular type of sign used by real estate agents for commercial and residential sales. These can be used indoors and outdoors using wooden, Dibond, coroplast or aluminum material for better durability. These real estate signage are placed with the help of a pole to hang them to advertise properties for lease or sale.

    Banner Sign

    If you need attention and better visibility for your business, using banner signs is the best. These can be used for commercial buildings and condominiums. Designed with vibrant colors and designs, these banners grab your attention and help you get a potential buyer for your real estate business. You can customize the banner by providing real estate information or advertising a business.

    H-Frame Sign

    H-frame signs are widely used for short-term sales and advertisements. These are fixed in the ground with two stakes making it an excellent option for potential buyers to understand the urgency to sell the property or give it on lease in a short time frame. These are lightweight as they are made of corrugated plastic, making them weather-resistant and long-lasting.

    Which Material Is Best to Use for Real Estate Signage?


    Alumalite is a strong and water-resistant material used for outdoor signs. It is made of a corrugated polypropylene core with an aluminum composite panel making it durable, corrosion proof and rot-proof. These real estate signage are easy to install as they are lightweight and can be used as roadside signs too.


    Dura-wood is highly recommended for outdoor signs. It prevents rotting, withstands any weather, like cold, hot or humid, and offers dual-side displaying options. You have the option to customize it easily and add graphics, photos, and information as required by you or your business. 


    Coroplast is a corrugated plastic material used as the best alternative to heavy materials like wood. These are waterproof, inexpensive and highly customizable. You can design it in vibrant colors, different shapes, and in a variety of sizes. These are durable and can be used for outdoor display. 


    Aluminum is neither expensive nor a cheap choice for your business. It is strong, durable and lightweight. You can customize it in your way. You can display your property and your business information along with any design or photo of any shape and size. 


    Dibond is the best choice who need a long-lasting commercial real estate sign. It is made of aluminum and plastic, making it waterproof and rugged to stay outdoors for long hours. The material used in it is more durable than aluminum and is appropriate for commercial signs. 

    Are Real Estate Signs Visible at Night?

    If you want your real estate signs to be visible at night, then use a reflective metal surface. You can convert your information, photo, or signs to reflect signs for better night advertisement. 

    They reflect the vehicle lights for cars and motorbikes, making it easy for the riders and drivers to see your real estate sign. This is the best option for 24/7 advertisement. 

    Choose Signs Station for the Best Customized Real Estate Signs

    If you are looking for the best real estate signage company, Signs Station serves your purpose. We are always the first choice for commercial real estate signs in Mississauga and flourishing across Canada. 

    Whether you need signage for residential, commercial, investment, or land, we offer unique design choices with various materials and sizes. Giving your signs a professional look, we offer a great range of interior or exterior real estate signage installations. 

    Our affordable range with the quality of our products, makes us stay at the top in this industry field. Get in touch with us today and request your quote now.

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