3D Channel Letters

A channel letter sign is a three-dimensional graphic element with an individual structure and separate illumination. In simpler terms, a channel letter can be any letter, number, or other characters that, when combined with other like characters, make up a sign presentation.


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    What Are Channel Letter Signs? 

    Channel Letter Signs are a unique way to display the name or logo of your business. You witness lit channel letters outside restaurants, sports facilities, hospitals, schools, or office parks, and business towers. These help in attracting customers and look visually more impressive than flat signs. These are cost-effective and beats your competitors with its unique features. The in-built LED lights inside the letters are inexpensive, and last longer than neon lights. Investing in custom channel letters increases the chances of getting new customers to your business. Back-lit signs, front-lit signs, and acrylic channel letters, and other channel letter signs are a part of your branding tools that enhance your business. Signs Station offers a wide range of appealing 3D signs with separate illumination and other variety of channel lettering signs to attract walk-in traffic and boost your business. 

    Types of Channel Letter Signs

    Channel Letter Signs can be customised in a wide range of materials, display options and mountings, so you have the right to choose the perfect one to help your business stand out from the crowd. There are mainly three types of channel lettering signs:

    1. Back-Lit or Halo Lit Sign

    Back-lit display LED-light or neon light on the back of the wall. Usually these are also known as reverse lit signs. This creates an attractive halo effect. It increases the readability in low-light areas or conditions. These are opted by the customers for the effect created by textures, shadows and colours displayed by the back-lit signs. 

    2. Front-Lit Sign

    These face lit signs display bright light from the front acrylic face. Front-lit signs are made with the opaque, wooden or plastic material. It is a popular choice among clients as these are durable and easy to replace bulbs in channel letter signage. 

    3. Face and Reverse Lit Combination

    The front / back lit signs can be chosen together. These channel letter signs give an eye-catching yet simple and professional look. It comes in a variety of lighting profiles to enhance your business name and to attract customers. 

    Benefits of Using Channel Letter Signs 

    Signs Station offers channel letter signs that are the best investment by the company to display their brand name to attract clients. It has benefits that are many and varied.

    • High Quality and Reliability
    • Customizable and Creative Flexibility
    • Clear and Bright Display
    • Affordable and Durable 
    • Eye-catchy and Impactful
    • Easy Installation and Maintenance

    Where To Display Channel Letter Signs?

    Using these signs has a greater visual impact on the minds of the people. They can serve as a landmark or an identity of the business. These require very low maintenance but creates popularity and attraction for your business or entity. 

    Custom channel letters are widely used by different business owners, including:

    • Restaurants
    • Professional buildings
    • Stadiums
    • Hotels
    • Performance venues
    • Retail centres
    • Healthcare facilities
    • Schools and Colleges 

    The name or logo signs of channel letter signs are customizable and can be crafted in any shape, colour or size. These are designed as per the specifications of the business need. These are also designed as 3D letter signs that are illuminated 24/7 acting as the ideal marketing tool for promoting your brand name. 

    Why Should You Buy Channel Letters From Signs Station? 

    Signs Station is a renowned name as a channel letter manufacturer. Get instant brand recognition by displaying channel letter signs designed by our company. We have great designs, high-quality material, at affordable prices. Our team is highly skilled in understanding your business needs and designing logos and names that are attractive and impactful. With the help of Signs Station, your business will gain engagement and build awareness among potential target audiences to your business. Working with trusted professionals like us, will boost your business to new heights. Get in touch with us today and request your quote. 


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