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Blade signs are a highly effective way to grab the attention of potential customers and stand out from the competition. These eye-catching signs are mounted perpendicular to the building facade, projecting outwards and providing excellent visibility from both directions of foot traffic. With their sleek and modern design, blade signs are a popular choice for businesses looking to increase foot traffic and create a memorable impression.

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Want your business to be recognized in the crowd? Blade Signage is the ultimate marketing solution. Whether you need a round, flat rectangular or even a 3D illuminated sign, Signs Station is the leading custom blade signs manufacturing company in Mississauga. We are flourishing across Canada by producing high-quality signs to increase your business visibility and ultimately boost your sales.

What are Blade Signs?

Blade signs are a perfect way to display your business logo or name by mounting them perpendicular to the wall outside your storefront or commercial building facing the traffic. This is a modern, eye-catching, and sleek way to show your business presence. You can display them in other alternative ways like hanging on the wall or placing them as flags, protruding or projecting blade signs mounted outside the building.

Displaying custom blade signs is a unique, and innovative method used to attract more foot traffic. The versatility of projecting these signs includes framing the blade signage on the pole or in a frame or even as a decorative armature bracket. They are weather resistant and can withstand any weather condition like harsh sunlight or heavy rains. They even have the option to be illuminated both on the front and back. 

With Signs Station, you can choose any shape, size or design and project your message to grab the attention of the right audience.


Can Blade Signs Be Beneficial For Your Business?

Blade Signs is the best investment to promote your business. They have many benefits for your business to get popularity:

Grabs Attention

You must have witnessed while visiting a café or a restaurant, even while shopping in a crowded area, these blade signs effortlessly catch your attention. Since these signs stick out perpendicularly from a building, you find it easy to see and recognize the brand or business.

Easy to Find

Do you need your business name or logo to be stuck in the minds of the people? Blade signs do this for you. Passing through the busy shopping street with a lot of foot traffic, these signs act as a location finder. These can be large or small size, popping out from the wall, installed vertically or illuminated at night. All these features make custom blade signs stand apart from your competitors making it easy to find your location.

100% Customizable

Blade Signage can be custom-made to match the idea of your business. It can be manufactured in several styles. You can use illuminated signs, 3D signs, pole flag signs, circular or even hanging signs. You have the freedom to customize the shape, size, color, or design to coordinate with your business. Signs Station offers you an option for custom blade signs at an affordable price. 


Explore Different Blade Signs For Your Business Promotion

Blade Signs are meant to make your business presence on the busy route. You can achieve this with different types of blade signage.

Single or double-sided:

If you need budget-friendly lit or unlit signage, then this type of sign is the best. You can attach it to a pole or place it at a 90-degree angle facing the traffic to get easy attention. 

Round blade sign:

These are perfect to display outdoors and indoors as well. For restaurants, where you want to display your daily special or menu, indoor circle blade signs are opted for. You can also apply the brand name with vinyl stickers easily.

Stationary blade sign:

These are flat-blade signs often mounted outside the building like on a pole or simply stuck on the wall. You can use them for business names, outside office cabins, and wayfinding signs.

3D blade sign: 

Using 3D effect you can make your exterior pop with custom LED blade signage. You have a frame or frameless option suitable for indoors and outdoors. These are highly recommended for cinema signs and emergency exit signage.

Choose Signs Station for Perfect Custom Blade Signs

Blade signs can be a great option for your business promotion.  It works to create a successful brand by enthralling potential customers, fueling walk-in traffic, boosting sales and generating great revenues. 

The highlight of this type of signage is its durability and affordability. Signs Station offers excellent quality and highly customizable blade signs in Mississauga. Our team understands your business idea and manufactures the signs matching your needs. We deliver custom blade signages to improve your business visibility. 

Use this creative solution to encourage your business to boost walk-in traffic, at an affordable price. Get in touch with Signs Station today and enable 24\7 brand promotion of your business.

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